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Sire: Xarope

Damsire: Nostradamus do Top

Eca, a Lusitano gelding born in 2009, is the newest member of the herd. He moved to Finland from Portugal as a five year old, and came to my place in November 2016.  In his first winter living outdoors in a herd in loose housing and barefoot he still needed rugs to keep him warm, but now he gets as woolly as my other horses and manages the winters fine.  He loves being part of the bachelor gang and is always the one that is ready to play.  When he came to me he was very locked in his body and moved with short and quick strides but with hard work and patience he has now started moving trough his whole body with much bigger movements.  I have competed him at Intermediate 1 level and Grand Prix is our next goal.  Lately I have also started to teach him some tricks like rearing and the Spanish walk and sometimes we also ride with just a neck rope to have some variation in our training. He is a hard worker , very light and responsive to the aids.and always great fun to work with.

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