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Gosse V

Sire: Sytse 385

Damsire: Hannes

Gosse is a Friesian gelding born in 2002.  He came to me as a four year old, and is a horse with a heart of gold.  Being a horse with not the best conformation he has taught me the importance of finding the right bio-mechanical way of moving to be able to perform the more difficult dressage movements  He knows most of the Grand Prix movements, and is the perfect schoolmaster for someone who would want a feel of the piaffe, passage and canter pirouette. He is a true gentleman and always gives his best.

I have competed him at S-level was aiming for the Prix st Georg, but unfortunately he was diagnosed with Cushings disease in March 2018.  Thankfully he has responded really well to the medication and is now back to normal work, but his competition career has been put on hold for the time being.  

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