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Autumn clinic with Colonel Carde

Early Sunday morning I went to get Mingo and Eça from the field to get them all nice and shiny for the days lessons. I'm so happy I can travel alone with them, it helps not being dependent on other people. 

I rode Eça in my first lesson and I was happy to show how his trott has improved since spring. We did some work on the canter pirouettes and I got help in improving Eça's balance and getting slow strides. 

Also the beginnings of the half steps where on the agenda. Eça got a bit anxious so Col. Carde again with his expertise reminded us how important it is to take it slow and to work with a relaxed horse. 

In the afternoon it was Mingo's turn. It was over a year ago since I last attended one of Colonels clinic with Mingo so it was a joy to show how he has improved and he was super to ride. Light in the bridle and attentive to my aids and he really tried his best in all the exercises we threw at him. 

I got some great tips on how to improve his balance in the passage, and in the piaffe to think more of the up and forward feel and not to restrict him in front. The smallest of changes can make the biggest difference. 

It was a happy horse and rider who left the arena at the end of the lesson. 

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